Sunday, June 14, 2015

Look for the Few

Two months ago I had the opportunity to travel with a group of ladies, all connected to ministry somehow whether they're a pastor's wife or work in ministry themselves. We flew to Zacapa, Guatemala where every single one of us was impacted by two things: humidity and the faces of the beautiful mothers and babies we met while there. One is hugely unimportant but does gives some background on the crazy hair and sweaty smiles you'll see in the pictures below. The others, well they're something that I believe none of us will be able to forget, in the best way possible. 

I've been blessed with the opportunity to go on several missions trips before but honestly, they have often left me overwhelmed with the need before my eyes, to the point where I don't want to look back at it again. I'm a doer. I'm a feeler. Both good things that I like about who I am but, when I get to the place where I feel so strongly, pain, need, hunger, whatever it may be, and also feel like I can't do anything, at least anything that would make a difference, I regrettably shut down.

This trip, God had a special message for me though. It's actually the same message that I've needed in my own personal life, not just for this trip. And yet, I love that God took me to a beautiful country with beautiful women to love on the most beautiful children and the simple message I started to hear and understand in Guatemala could translate into every corner of my heart, mind and life. He knows I love to connect the dots and so He connected some dots for me. 

Back to the message though! :) I jotted these notes into my phone one day while we heard from the founder of the ministry we were visiting, Carlos Vargas at Hope of Life Ministries. In a place where poverty is rampant he has built a ministry on the practical Gospel; meeting tangible needs to show God's love. You cannot point a life to Jesus if there is no life to save and so, Carlos started Baby Rescue which is the central part of Hope of Life Ministries. As we asked Carlos how he continued on with ministry when there was so much need around him, his response rocked me. It was the answer to my own ongoing struggle in my ministry at home. 

"Don't look at people as groups, look at the individual

Do for one

You'll get overwhelmed by the many. Instead, look for the few." 

Boom! Throat-chop! I have let myself off the hook so many times with the excuse that whatever I felt I should do, probably wasn't gonna do much in the end. It probably help enough people. It wouldn't fix the problem for enough people so, I guess, why bother? 

Wrong question, wrong response. 

During Jesus' ministry, by supernatural power, He did a lot to help the masses. But, BUT... there were many more times that He focused on saving just one, spending time with just one, impacting just one.  I believe that to follow Him we must find ways to do the same. Far and near, in Guatemala and in Tucson, for the global church and for my own church. 

So here's the deal. I decided to jump in and do something that will help one and you can join and help too if you'd like. I've made a goal to raise $1,200, the cost to rescue one baby. I am partnering with Leading and Loving It and World Help, with whom I traveled and have until November 30th, 2015. You can make a donation with the link below or if you are local (live in Tucson with me!) I am going to be creating some specific fun opportunities that will help raise funds so feel free to comment below if you'd like a heads up as those opportunities take place. 

More than anything, I want to encourage you to not get stuck! Don't back down from the thing that's been placed in your heart, just because you think it might only help one, or none even! I fully believe that the thing in your heart came from the One who created you, who created the heart and soul that's feeling that strong urge to do something and that He will empower you to get it done. So, go help that one. :)